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Torso with Sear

Torso with Sear In this image, the black and white stripes implies the disadvantageous and vulnerable substance of female. Like a zebra, women have to arm themselves to prevent from the pillagers. The stripes also insinuate the scars that women have been seared insidiously. Their bodies are often the target of physical attack or language violence. Even more, they are materialized to satiate men's desire or submit to men's prestige.

Winning Records:

2014 Black & White Single Image Contest, "Spotlight Award"

2015 Monochrome Awards PRO, Honorable Mention Award (Abstract)

2013 IPA (International Photography Awards), 2 Honorable Mentions, (FA-Nude, FA-Other)

2012 PPOTY (Professional Photographer of The Year) , Final List

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